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Consultations & Packages 

My approach is always tailored to your Individual needs and begins with a comprehensive assessment

Your pathway to lasting wellness
begins here

Comprehensive,   Personalised,   Supported 

The root cause of your health issues  are not the same as your family members or even friends, so why should you be treated the same.

That's why here at Paula Grubb Nutrition, I take a personalised approach to your unique concerns tailoring wellness roadmaps specific to you whether it be....

Poor Digestion, Food Intolerances, Gut Health, Immune Support,

Weight Issues, Thyroid Support & more

Your journey starts with an....

1:1 Initial Consultation


Upon booking and before we meet you will be sent a pre-consultation questionnaire via email. This essential step allows you to share insights into your health history, dietary habits, eliminations and daily routines, ensuring our time together during the consultation is maximized.

During the consultation, we gain further clarity on your current health and concerns focusing on understanding your unique circumstances in depth. You will leave the consultation with actionable steps to implement while awaiting your personalized plan.

After our consultation a  thorough investigation and assessing of all the information that has been shared is then formulated to craft your personalized plan to support your journey to wellness. 

Your plan encompasses tailored nutrition and daily habit protocols, along with appropriate educational resources, targeted supplement scripts and testing recommendations/results if necessary to further enhance your path to wellness.

Your personalized plan will be presented to you at the report of findings appointment one week after your initial consultation. During this session, we will also review the tasks assigned during the initial consultation to ensure you are on track toward your wellness goals

And Continues with ....

Follow Up Consultations

During these sessions, we closely monitor and fine-tune your action plan as you progress. We review any testing results and ensure that your plan adapts to your evolving reality. These sessions are scheduled 2-4 weeks apart or at intervals tailored to meet your individual needs.

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The Importance of Personalized Nutrition and Daily Habit Recommendations


Numerous foods have the power to either promote or hinder good health in the body. What proves effective for one individual may not necessarily yield the same results for another. That's why nutritional recommendations are meticulously tailored to align with your specific body and its requirements.

Daily Habits

Our daily habits play a significant role in shaping our overall health, influencing whether we feel vibrant or unwell. Recommendations on lifestyle are instrumental in minimizing risk factors that can lead to poor health outcomes.

What to Expect

Working together 1:1


When you book your appointment, I'll send you a comprehensive questionaire to fill as we start to document your health history, current health, nutrition, medications, and health goals  

1:1 Consultation

We'll meet on zoom or in clinic for your  1-1 consultation with me  to gain further clarity

Wellness Roadmap Plan 

I will provide you with a tailored report with my  recommendations for you to get to your goals as quickly as possible

Suggested foods, supplements and testing are not included in the price of the consultation unless stated

Pay Per Consultation

Suitable for short term conditions or children under 12 

Individual Consultations
  1 x 45 min Initial Consult
1 x 30 min
Report of Findings &

Personalised Plan
Price $220

Follow up 
1 x 30 min
Price $80 

 Packages & Bundles

Suitable for health concerns or conditions have been ongoing or recurring

Back on Track Package
  1 x 45 min Initial Consult
1 x 30 min
Report of Findings &
Personalised Plan
2 x 30 min Follow Up 

Price $360

Follow up Bundle
3 x 30 min
Price $210 

Elevate With

Take your health to the next level


The Well Body Audit  Individually selected options or complete audit

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Remedy Assist 

In person only

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DNA Health

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Iridology Reading

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Online consultations will be sent a secure zoom link by email.   Payment plans available

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