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Privacy Policy

All information collected by Paula Grubb Nutrition prior to and during the consultation process is for the purpose of formulating a safe and effective individualised treatment plan.  All information collected from the client is kept private and confidential, in accordance with the privacy act.  No information will be given or shared to a third party unless the client has provided written consent (as outlined in the informed consent and client contract form), or required by a court of law.

Where the client has agreed to out sourced testing, certain details may need to be shared.  This will be outlined on the client consent forms. 

Telehealth consultations are conducted using zoom with a secure link.  Paula Grubb Nutrition is not responsible for any breach to this service.

Information gathered at the consultations are stored on a medical platform.  Paula Grubb Nutrition is not responsible for any breach to this platform.  

Terms & Conditions

Paula Grubb Nutrition can be referred to in written text or verbally as Paula Grubb Nutrition, we, us, our and harnessing health from within


Paula Grubb Nutrition has the right to update terms and conditions at any time and it is the clients responsibility to review and keep up to date with these via this website while registered as a client.

The client/customer/purchaser understands that the practitioner Paula Grubb is not providing medical care, a diagnosis or cure an illness (within any of the services, programs, ebooks or any other written material offered), but is providing advice around diet, lifestyle, relevant diagnostic testing, physical assessments and supplement recommendations to strengthen and aid the body naturally.

Any published information from Paula Grubb Nutrition is not intended to replace medical advice.  This includes programs, eBooks, website and any form or document sent for consultation purposes.

Paula Grubb nutrition does not and will not advise any client/customer/purchaser to stop any prescribed medication at any time.  The client/customer/purchaser must see their primary health care practitioner prescriber if they would like to do so.  

Paula Grubb Nutrition is happy to work alongside your primary health care provider to help clients receive the best outcomes.  

That the client will give the practitioner Paula Grubb all personal information needed to perform a safe treatment plan, including disclosing all medications and supplements that they are taking, allergies or intolerance that are known to them, and any health changes before , during and after treatment plans are formulated and during on going follow-ups.  This includes new medications or dosages prescribed from your primary health care provider while on a Paula Grubb Nutrition treatment plan that is not already outlined in previous consults.

That female clients disclose to the practitioner Paula Grubb whether they have recently become pregnant or intend to do so.

The client agrees to disclose to the practitioner Paula Grubb if they would like to makes changes to any of the recommendations in the treatment plan within a timely manner as to keep treatment safe and effective at all times.  

Unused, open supplements or homeobotanical liquids are not refundable.  If these are damaged or broken by you, full replacement is charged at the normal price.  

Paula Grubb Nutrition does not offer refunds on change of mind when ordering supplements if the order has already been placed with the supplier.  

Nutritional supplements and homeobotanicals are prescribed for your specific individual needs only and should not be shared with another party.

That both the client and the practitioner Paula Grubb have the right to stop the consultation procedure and/or treatment at any time. A referral can be made to another practitioner if necessary.

That the client agrees to have photos taken for tongue, nail, sclera and iridology assessments but with no other personal identifiable features  included.  

It is the practitioner Paula Grubb's responsibility to inform and gain consent from the client for physical assessment undertaken in the consultation.  The client may refuse any of these at any time.  Full consultation fee will still be charged.  Physical assessments can include, iridology, sclera, nail, tongue, facial analysis, organ palpation where necessary, stress testing, histamine testing, blood pressure, blood glucose, zinc profile test, pH test, pulse and  temperature.

All clients under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or caregiver who must be able to provide legal consent for the consultation and treatment to take place.

Every client is welcome to bring a trusted support person with them at any time.  If during the consultation the support person  would like to discuss their own health issues, they must make their own appointment to do so.  

Paula Grubb Nutrition has the right to remove any rude, offensive or unacceptable comments made on any social media account or written publications.  

If in the event that the practitioner Paula Grubb has an illness or is temporary unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances every effort will be made to inform and reschedule the client in a timely manner.  

Achieving results from nutritional plans are the sole responsibility of the client and not of Paula Grubb Nutrition

Complaints can be made by email to stating the nature of the complaint, when and how


If there is a need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please contact Paula Grubb Nutrition as soon as possible.  Kindly provide at least 24 hours notice.  A cancellation fee may apply for less than 4 hours notice.  If you fail to turn up for your appointment the full cost of the missed appointment may be charged or forfeited from the package.  

Paula Grubb Nutrition does not offer refunds if there is a  change of mind on any of the services provided. A voucher will be issued for the total amount, to be used within a three month period issued from the date of the first payment.  if this has not been used by the end date of the voucher, the remaining consultations will be forfeited.  


Payments are to  be made in full - in the clinic at the time of the appointment by cash or prior to the appointment using internet banking.  Paula Grubb Nutrition does offer payment plans if and when agreed to by both parties.  Payments must be paid for at the agreed intervals. 

Bank Account Number:  P A Grubb - 01-0906-0042506-39

Please include your surname as a reference and name of consult type e.g. initial, follow-up etc.

Any refunds are paid back less fees for services already used,  fees for services already underway and minus any administration fees as charged by after pay or pay pal. Further details are outlined on the consent forms.  


Due to the nature of digital downloads, no refund is given.  

Paypal and afterpay are both offered for online store payments.  

Consultation packages

Consultation are to be used within the time frame of three months unless prior agreement between Paula Grubb Nutrition and the client has been agreed upon.

If the client does not wish to use all of the benefits, that comes with the purchased package, they then forfeit the unused portion.  No refunds/discounts will be given on any unused part of the package.  

Downloadable ebooks and programs

The information contained in eBooks and programs are for general information purchases only.  It is not intended to replace medical advice, treatment, cure, prevent any disease or to make any specific medical diagnosis.  Seek the advice of your primary health care practitioner if you have any issues regarding a medical condition, are pregnant, nursing or on medication.  Do not stop medication without consulting the prescriber.  Paula Grubb Nutrition is not responsible for any damages that may result in the using of this information.

Meal Plans

Personalised meal plans are made up to your specific set of dietary requirements.  Terms and conditions for these plans are outlined in the forms you will receive for the service.  

This service is conducted fully online or by phone.  

Latest update made on the 6 September 2022

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