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Nutrition Consultations
& Services

Restore balance with the right foods, tailored recommendations and a

comprehensive approach. 

Transform your daily experience from battling stomach cramping, reflux, bloating, food fear, fatigue, brain fog, constipation, and inflammation, to embracing

Nourishment, Energy, and Feeling Amazing Every Day!


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1:1 Expert     Support     

Personalised Wellness Roadmaps

Practitioner Only
Grade Supplements

Gold Standard

Need to know more .....

Book your free 15 minute Focus Call

to briefly talk about your health issues, goals and ways we can work together 


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Nutrition Consultations

I'm here to guide you towards positive changes that help you reclaim control over your own wellbeing so you can get back to enjoying life on your terms!
Whether you prefer the flexibility of pay-per-visit consultations, the comprehensive support of packages, or the convenience of bundles,
each option provides personalized solutions meticulously tailored  to your unique individual needs.
Whether  you're prioritizing digestive health, gut issues, immune support, weight management, thyroid health, or other wellness goals, I provide dedicated guidance and care to help you achieve optimal health and well-being in a confidential and supportive space. 



DNA Health

These can be used as a stand alone consultations or added onto nutritional Consultations. 

Health & Wellbeing

Unlock the secrets of your genetic blueprint with  DNA Health & Wellbeing! Whether you're proactively curious or facing specific health concerns, our genetic testing empowers you to discover your unique predispositions. Armed with this knowledge, you can take charge of your health journey like never before, implementing tailored diet and lifestyle strategies specific to your DNA to optimize your well-being. No matter your age or current health status, 

Carb Choice 

Unlock the full potential of your body's carbohydrate processing capabilities! Our program reveals personalized insights into which foods to embrace or avoid to optimize your weight management journey. Additionally, gain valuable recommendations for exercise performance and recovery tailored specifically to your unique genetic profile.



Remedy Assist Consult

Exclusive Practitioner-Only Dispensary! (Available for in-clinic pick-up only)

This consultation service offers homeobotanical relief for individuals seeking relief from both current symptoms and recurring issues. Tailored to suit individuals of all ages, each consultation includes one carefully selected remedy to address your specific needs. Take the first step towards holistic relief and wellness with our personalized approach to healthcare.


Herbal Pills


Supplement Assist Consult


Exclusive Practitioner-Only Dispensary!


This consultation is designed for individuals seeking guidance on suitable supplements for their health concerns and/or assessing their compatibility with existing medications. While it doesn't involve  nutrition advice, it focuses on providing expert insights into supplement choices tailored to individual health needs, deficiencies, absorption issues and medication regimens.



Iridology Reading

This can be used as a stand alone consultation or added  onto your Nutritional Consultations. 

Unlock the mysteries of your health through the intricate patterns within the irises of your eyes. Dating back thousands of years, iridology has been utilized as a tool for assessing both physical and emotional health. By examining the unique markings and characteristics of your irises, we can uncover insights into inherited physical traits and potential areas of vulnerability, offering guidance on how to support your body and prevent the development of chronic diseases.  



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You are not just what you EAT....
But what you ABSORB


Ignite your Metabolism,
Cleanse, Nourish & Energise

Body Reboot Program

Experience a profound sense of cleansing, nourishment, and revitalization. Your body will naturally attain increased energy levels, a boosted metabolism conducive to weight loss, reduced stress, improved sleep quality, diminished inflammation, and enhanced bowel regularity.

Rewrite your body's story, revitalizing yourself from within, and embracing a fresh start filled with vitality and well-being.

Blood Test


There is a range of testing options available depending on budget and health issues.  These are not a compulsory part of any consultation, but if chosen will give further insight in accessing triggers for health issues.

These can include:

Ig food & allergy, Hair testing for food and environmental sensitivity, hormones (both men and women), sleep and mood, heavy metals, blood tests, saliva testing, DNA testing, breath testing, and stool testing.  

Testing options will be discussed at your initial appointment or outlined in your wellness plan.  

nutrtion for life


Vital macro nutrients needed in the right quantities for life


Enjoyment for a happy healthy life


Vitamins and minerals needed for the body to function


Body systems so they can work in harmony

Please Note:  Nutritional supplements, food items and diagnostic testing charges are not included in the consultation fee.  If purchased through Paula Grubb Nutrition, these will incur separate charges that will be outlined in your treatment plan.  Every effort is made to ensure that the best prices can be obtained for the client.  Although these may enhance your treatment program, they are not a compulsory component to your treatment.

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