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Remedy Assist

Practitioner only

Homeobotancial Prescriptions

 Personally selected and blended based on your individual health needs

Suitable for all ages

What are Homeobotanicals?

Homeobotanicals combine homeopathic principles with the effectiveness of herbal medicines to give an incredible healing combination that directly stimulates the body's area of concern. 


  • They are  fast, effective yet gentle acting

  • They are portable

  • Covers many healthcare applications

  • Suitable for people of any ages, from birth to ....

  • Administrated straight onto the tongue or added to water

  • Can be blended into a cream

  • Therapeutics based on homeopathic and botanical indications

Remedy assist consult

The homeobotanical range has an endless choice of combinations that are available to match the precise needs of every client​​

Individually Personalized 

Can be safely combined with practically all over the counter and prescription medications

Suitable for all ages

Each 25ml bottle is one month supply

The health conditions or issues these are used for are limitless.

Suitable for all ages

Women's health

Men's health

Children's health

Teen health



Unlimited Uses

Pain, allergies, heart health, blood sugar regulation,

digestive upsets, parasites, anxiety, memory, trauma, infections, hormones, energy, stress, skin issues, morning sickness, coughs, colds, studying for exams, sleep, thyroid, joints, liver detox, and hundred's more......

What to expect 

With  A Remedy Assist Consult: 


When you book your appointment, I send you a quick questionaire to fill out detailing  symptoms and medications.  Takes about 5 minutes  to fill out

1:1 Consultation

We'll meet on zoom or in clinic for your 20-minute 1-1 consultation with me  to gain further clarity

Custom Made Remedy

I provide you with a custom made remedy targeted to your health issues 

Remedy Assist

Price covers consult & homeobotancial blend only.  

Adult $47
Child $37 (Under 12)

(pick up from clinic only)

Repeat scripts can be purchased for past clients of less than 4 months.  Price on request.

- Kind words from clients -

"They were like liquid gold" - S.C

"Those drops, they are worth a million dollars for how great they made me feel" - L.B

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