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The Well Body Audit

Unlock the Power of Your Body's Silent Messengers

The Benefits of a Well Body Audit

The Well body Audit offers a non-invasive and holistic method to deepen the understanding of your current health status, while also providing valuable insights for early intervention and proactive management of potential health issues.

These powerful indicators can manifest in the Nails, Tongue, Face & Sclera.....

What can they tell us?

Nail Analysis

Your nails are more than just a cosmetic feature; they can reveal vital clues about your overall health. The shape, color, texture, and markings on your nails can signify various nutritional deficiencies or underlying health disorders elsewhere in the body. From subtle lines and pits to discolorations and indentations, these signs can manifest before other symptoms become apparent, offering early indicators of potential health concerns.

Tongue Assessment 

Your tongue serves as a mirror to your digestive system and overall health. Changes in its color, shape, size, coating, and markings can offer valuable insights into digestive function and overall well-being. From changes in color and texture to the presence of coating or unusual markings, these signs can fluctuate daily and serve as indicators of underlying health conditions such as digestive issues or nutrient deficiencies.

Facial Analysis

Facial analysis involves examining various facial features, each of which corresponds to different internal body areas. Every line, wrinkle, crack, bag, twitch, and even subtle details like facial hair, eyebrows, coloration, and acne can offer valuable clues to underlying bodily issues. By carefully observing these facial characteristics, we can gain insights into the body's internal state and potential health concerns. This holistic approach allows us to identify patterns and connections between facial features and overall well-being, guiding personalized wellness strategies.

Sclera Examination

The whites of your eyes, known as the sclera, offer a window into your body's internal health. Every aspect, from size and shape to configuration and color of red lines, provides valuable information. These markings can reveal different health conditions, stress patterns, immediate health states, and even healing processes. Our sclera evaluation examines these subtle signs, helping you gain insights into your body's well-being and identify areas that may require special attention or support.

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Armed with insights from the Well Body Audit, we can....

  • Further enhance your wellness strategies 

  • Address specific concerns identified through the assessment

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your health management plan

  • Optimize your well-being

  • Support your body's natural balance

  • Foster a deeper connection to your overall health.


As you address any deficiencies or imbalances, you will notice improvements reflected in these bodily signals, serving as tangible indicators of your progress towards enhanced health and vitality.

How does it Work?

The Well Body Audit

We will have a  discussion on each of the areas that we are looking at, then photos will be taken for further evaluation after the consult. 

If you are online you will be directed on how to take the photos, then send them in.

To uncover the valuable insights into your body's functioning and well-being

when booking, simply opt for the Well Body Audit service to undergo a thorough evaluation of your nails, tongue, face, and sclera,

These can also be selected as individual assessments

Ready to Decode Your Body's Signals?

The Well Body Audit

Simply check the box when booking your nutritional consultation or use as a stand alone consult


Add on to initial consultations  

$10 each

Stand alone service 

1 X 30 min consult

report & recommendations


Add on a Iridology Reading

find out more Here

Please note that while the Well Body Audit provides actionable insights, it is not a diagnosis 

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