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Pill Variety

Supplement Assist

Know that the supplements you are taking are right for you....

With a Supplement Prescription personally selected for  your individual health needs 

Why you need a 
Supplement Assist?

Do you have a stash of supplements in your cupboard that you once believed were necessary?

Perhaps you tried them briefly but eventually gave up on them.

It's common to purchase supplements based on general recommendations, hearsay, or a perceived need, without truly knowing their efficacy, impact on your health or a clear understanding of their suitability for your individual needs?

Consider the example of magnesium: you might have bought it to help with sleep issues, only to find that it actually increases your bowel movements instead. This discrepancy often arises from selecting the wrong form of magnesium for your needs.


This experience highlights the importance of ensuring that the supplements you take are not only effective but also compatible with your body and your needs.

Moreover, it's crucial to be mindful of how supplements interact with each other, any medications you may be taking and whether the correct dosage is being taken. 

Pills on Spoons

With my expert guidance, you can rest assured that your supplement regimen aligns with your health goals, optimizing your well-being without unnecessary expense or risk.

Here's What Involved

With  A Supplement Assist Consult: 


When you book your appointment, I send you a  questionaire to fill out detailing  health symptoms and medications.  Takes about 5 minutes  to fill out

1:1 Consultation

We'll meet on zoom or in clinic for your 30 minute 1-1 consultation with me  to gain further clarity

Supplement Script

Personalized supplement recommendations script and access to practitioner only supplements

This consultation is about selecting the right supplements for your unique needs, ensuring they are both effective and safe.

Supplement Assist

1 x 30 minute Consultation
Health history review
Personalised supplement script
Access to practitioner only products
(purchased separately) 

Price $80

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