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the missing link in restoring your health


The missing link in restoring your Gut & Immune Health

G.E.M.M protocol



Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation

targeted gut health solutions

The Gateway connecting the Gut-Immune Interface to Chronic Disease

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What is the G.E.M.M Protocol

The GEMM protocol encompasses elements of different scientific disciplines including, cell biology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, nutrigenomics.


It precisely targets the Gut-Immune interface, rejuvenating the gut barrier dynamics, paving the way for restored gut homeostasis.


This restoration effectively diminishes the triggers behind infections, inflammation, allergies, and autoimmune responses.


Then as normal cell signaling is gradually reinstated, the positive effects extend beyond the gut, influencing distant organs and  systems.

This allows the body to begin to repair itself regardless of any named conditions you may have.  

Developed by nature - Validated by science
G.E.M.M protocol here

The G.E.M.M. Protocol was created by Dr. Christine Houghton PhD, an Australian Nutritional Biochemist with decades of clinical experience. Dr. Houghton recognized that existing therapies for gut health and chronic diseases often fell short in addressing underlying causes. Drawing from her scientific expertise and clinical insights, she developed G.E.M.M. based on the principle of mimicking nature for optimal health outcomes.

All aspects of the G.E.M.M protocol have a foundation in Peer Reviewed Scientific Evidence with the accompanying nutrigenomically-active G.E.M.M. formulations based on food-derived ingredients for which clinical trials demonstrate efficacy

How is G.E.M.M different?

G.E.M.M. stands out for its commitment to mirroring nature's wisdom. It's built on the idea of replicating how our cells naturally maintain and repair themselves.

Instead of eliminating harmful gut bacteria, G.E.M.M. prioritizes restoring balance within the gut ecosystem by utilizing food and targeted G.E.M.M nature-compatible formulations to allow the native bacterial flora to flourish and out compete the unwanted invaders.  

targeted health solutions
G.E.M.M 3 stage protocol

How long is the G.E.M.M program?

You'll embark on a personalized journey through three stages of the G.E.M.M. protocol.


The duration of each stage varies based on individual factors such as health issues, genetic predisposition, and lifestyle adjustments, but typically spanning around three months. Longer durations may be required for more chronic conditions.

Some clients report positive changes within weeks, signaling that significant cellular transformations are well underway.  

Is a specific "diet" required?

G.E.M.M. promotes a diet of Inclusion, not diets of exclusion. A few foods may need to be excluded initially (if you aren't already) when embarking on G.E.M.M but the ultimate aim of the G.E.M.M. protocol is to encourage a diverse array of minimally-processed whole foods which are introduced sequentially as you progress through the program. 


diet of inclusion
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G.E.M.M is a simple yet powerful approach for restoring and maintaining good health at the cellular level

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Are you ready to unlock your true healing potential with G.E.M.M

for the great health & future you DESERVE

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