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Tailored Nutrition for

Chronic Health Conditions 

​​Stop suffering needlessly with a fussy belly, a unpredictable bowel

or an out of sync body. Pave the way for lasting results with a root cause

approach, a personalised nutritional plan and ongoing support 

As a Holistic Clinical Nutritionist,  I bring a specialized understanding of how food and nutrition influence your body and its connection to health concerns and diseases....

This allows me to  take your journey beyond symptom relief....

It's about embracing your whole self, including your well-being, diet,

lifestyle and uncovering the root causes behind your challenges.

Daily habits        Personalised Nutrition        Support & Guidance

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Do you ever feel like....

Reflux, stomach pains, food fear, poop problems, energy crashes, sleep issues, brain fog, aches, pains & weight gain have taken over you life?

Or maybe you feel that...

  • Your symptom list just keeps getting longer and longer

  • You know something isn't right & want answers

  • Nobody is connecting all the dots for you


You've tried to figure it out on your own, now your

just tired and confused by it all.


Sometimes you just need some expert guidance and support to help you cut through the noise out there and help get you back on track to finding your full health potential

optimize your health and wellness

Welcome to Paula Grubb Nutrition 

Where how you feel and function each day matters

Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed by a growing list of symptoms like gas, bloating, indigestion, reflux, cramping, joint pains, energy crashes, IBS, food intolerances, hair loss, weight gain, brain fog and so many others and are struggling to find relief, please know that you're not alone and you've come to the right place.

It is so common for us to prioritize other aspects of life over our own well-being, but those small or lingering symptoms can escalate over time, leading to constant discomfort and further health disruption and destruction.

As a qualified nutritionist with personal experience in navigating health issues, I understand the physical and emotional toll they can take. That's why I'm passionate about providing


Personalized support tailored to your unique needs

By collaborating closely with my clients, I aim to uncover the root of your health concerns and goals, paving the way for effective strategies to improve your well-being.

Whether you're battling a fussy belly, an unpredictable bowel, or a body that feels out of sync,

I'm here to support you every step of the way

Join me for consultations online using zoom or in person at my clinic where we discuss all things food, burping, farting, pooping, pain, stress, energy, weight loss & more!

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Transform your Post-Meal Experience, Regardless of your

Food Choices or Bloating Status


Discover a wealth of benefits for your digestion and overall well-being. Experience relief from discomfort, bloating and indigestion, as your body efficiently processes nutrients. Maximize the benefits of every meal with improved nutrient absorption, boosting energy levels and supporting your immune system.​​

 Grab your free guide today.

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Here's how we can work together...

Taking charge of your health is easy when you have a tailored nutritional roadmap that allows you to reclaim your health and vitality.

Let's Get Started Resolving your Health Issues

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