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Anti Candida/Fungal 7 Day Meal Plan

The 7 Day anti candida  meal plan is aimed to help reduce and rid the body of fungal overgrowths or for anyone wanting to reduce their sugar intake.


Meals don't have to be tastless and boring when you are eating for health.  


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Full shoppping list

Nutritional values for each meal and calulations for each day


Enjoy foods like

Butter chicken

One pan salmon

Bolognese and spagheti squach



and more.  

Anti Candida/Fungal 7 Day Meal Plan

  • Candida overgrowth  can affect anyone at anytime, especially those that have a diet high in sugar, unbalanced gut bacteria,  heavy metal toxicity, have taken mutliple rounds of anti-biotics or is affecting those that have thryoid issues.  

    The 7 day Anti-candida diet is a  7 day meal plan and recipes,  with breakfast, lunch and dinner along with  snacks so you can get started on your  path to candida freedom.  


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