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Gut Health Friendly Shakes

Enjoy 20 different flavours of smoothies.  Each one balanced, nutritious and delicious.   The whole famiy will love them.  Great for those that care for their gut health with many ingredients that good healthy gut bugs love. 

Just some of the smoothies you can enjoy:

Apple pie smoothie

Kiwi lime

Mango smoothie

Orange immunity booster smoothie

Peanut butter and banana smoothie

Berry & yoghurt smoothie

Peach cobbler

Green blender smoothie

and many more 


Gut Health Friendly Shakes

  • 1. The smoothie recipe book that has 20 great smoothie receipes that the whole family will love.  

    2. The 12 page smoothie guide that has all you need know about building your own smoothies.

    • What to consider when buying a blenders 
    • What to consider when making a smoothie
    • Ingredients and in what quantities
    • The benefits of having a smoothie
    • How to use seeds in a smoothie to help balance hormones
    • Super foods that can be added to take your smoothie to the next level.
    • The break down on protein and collgen powders 

    You will receive 1 zip file containing two PDF's 


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